Sourcing Products At Bin Stores For Selling On eBay: What Might You Find

Sourcing at bin stores can be a lucrative way to find products to sell on eBay. In this post, I’ll discuss the types of products you should look for, what you’re likely to find at bin stores, and what products to avoid.

One common type of product you’ll find at bin stores are private label products, which are generic versions of products sold by Amazon sellers under their own brand names. These are often knock-offs or cheaper versions of well-known brands, and while they can be sold on eBay, they usually won’t fetch high prices compared to recognized brands.

Another type of product you may come across are damaged items, which are essentially junk unless you can part out and sell individual pieces. These are often found on the last day of a sale, where bin stores may offer a mystery bag filled with products for a discounted price. While it can be a treasure hunt, these items are typically not worth the effort and are best avoided.

It’s important to be cautious when dealing with products that may be counterfeit. If you come across a large quantity of a particular product in the bins , it could be a sign that it was removed from Amazon for a reason. It’s best to avoid these products, especially if they are popular brand names that actively target online sellers.

Similarly, products that were removed from Amazon due to lack of demand or long-term storage fees may not sell well on eBay either. Additionally, items such as auto parts that have been swapped out with used ones or health and beauty products that are expired or close to expiration are not ideal for resale. However, if you can find products with damaged packaging but intact contents, it can be a profitable find.

Personally, I tend to avoid most items at bin stores, but I am attracted to auto parts and books. However, I also come across odd and unique items that can be worth taking a gamble on. Bin stores can be great sources for brand new or like-new products that have been returned to Amazon.

In conclusion, bin stores can be a worthwhile place to source products for eBay sales, but it’s important to be discerning and avoid damaged, counterfeit, or expired items. Keep an eye out for unique finds and do your research to ensure you’re selling quality products that will fetch a good price on eBay.