Does Resizing Boxes Help Save Money On Shipping?

In this post, I will discuss the importance of resizing boxes to save money on shipping, especially with the rising cost of shipping. Shipping costs have been steadily increasing over the years, and simply throwing a product in a box and shipping it can be expensive. Many companies are now using dimensional sizes, also known as cubic dimensions, for boxes, making it necessary to resize boxes.

To learn more about cubic shipping, visit the Pirate Ship website. However, the general rule is to make the box as small as possible while still providing adequate protection for the product. For fragile items, consider double boxing or using a larger box with ample packing material.

Cheapest Ways to Ship with USPS from Pirate Ship on Vimeo.

Pirate Ship offers a bag rate that can be used for many items. If using free shipping supplies from the Postal Service, avoid flat rate boxes whenever possible. Instead, create Franken boxes by ordering free supplies from the Postal Service and resizing them using box resizers.

Two popular resizers are the basic box resizer and the razor knife version, which features a segregated roller on the backside. Using a score tool like the segregated roller can make the fold cleaner and the box sturdier. Check out the videos on how to use these resizers.

Resizing boxes can be time-consuming, but it can save money on shipping. When shipping across the country, even an inch can make a significant difference in cost, so always check the weight and dimensions of the package before sealing it up. If the box is just a few ounces over, consider cutting off some of the excess, but don’t compromise the integrity of the box.

It is essential to resize boxes not just to save money, but also for the safety of the product. A large item in a big box can easily bounce around and damage the product during shipping. A box that isn’t packed well can also squish easily under the weight of other packages.

If you’re an eBay seller, resizing boxes can help you make more money on the back end. If you don’t charge shipping, it can also save your customers money by reducing the cost of shipping. Always remember that shipping air is expensive, so resize your boxes to avoid paying for unused space.