Is it Worth Selling on Mercari?

While I say “Yes”, the answer to whether selling on Mercari is worth it depends on several factors. While it’s true that Mercari may not have the same level of visibility as eBay due to its smaller size, there are still advantages to consider.

One notable advantage is that Mercari may be a viable platform for selling items that may not have sold on eBay. It’s not entirely clear why this happens, but some sellers have reported that they were able to sell items on Mercari that were unsuccessful on eBay. This could be due to differences in buyer demographics, preferences, or search algorithms between the two platforms. Therefore, if you have items that have been languishing on eBay, giving Mercari a try could potentially result in additional sales.

That said, there are some potential downsides to selling on Mercari. One aspect that some sellers find challenging is the system of rating both buyers and sellers before a transaction is completed. Since you don’t get paid until the transaction is completed, this can add days before you are paid.

Additionally, Mercari’s shipping options may be relatively expensive for customers, which could potentially deter some buyers. It’s worth noting that offering free shipping and using your own shipping method, such as Pirate Ship, may be a workaround to provide more competitive pricing for customers.

To streamline your listing process on Mercari, you can use cross-listing tools like Flyp, which allow you to easily copy your listings from eBay to Mercari. However, it’s important to remember that managing inventory across multiple platforms requires diligence, as failing to remove a listing from one platform when it sells on another can result in selling a product you no longer have, leading to potential issues with buyers.

In conclusion, selling on Mercari can be worth it for certain sellers, especially if you have items that haven’t sold on eBay or if you want to sell items that are restricted/you are uncomfortable selling on eBay. However, it’s important to consider the potential challenges, such as the rating system and shipping costs, and to use cross-listing tools carefully to avoid inventory management issues. With tha said, using

as an additional selling platform could potentially boost your sales and bottom line.